Tax Saving Life Insurance for Directors and Employees Paid for by your Limited Company

Up to 49% Saving Compared to Paying for Your Policy Personally


What is Tax-efficient Relevant Life Insurance?

A Relevant Life Plan offers some very special advantages to directors and employees of small limited companies, most notably tax efficiency.


Whilst the cover is personal to you and your employees, the policy premiums are paid by the business and are classed as a business expense so it’s tax deductible and does not count towards annual or lifetime pension allowances.


Any Limited Company in any industry would qualify as long as you or your employees take an income in the form of PAYE and/or dividend.


The only difference between a personal life insurance policy and a Relevant Life Policy – is that the Limited Company pays the premiums. It provides you or your employees a cash lump sum paid on death or diagnosis of a terminal illness to you / your family.


Put simply, Relevant Life Insurance moves the cost of your life insurance policy from your pocket to your company expenses & the taxman - saving you money.

Can I Get Relevant Life Insurance?

Relevant life insurance is designed to provide cost saving life cover for:

  • Company directors / contractors working through their own limited companies

  • Small businesses who want to provide life cover whether for an employee or director.

  • Higher-earning employees with substantial pension funds who do not want their Death in Service benefits to form part of their lifetime allowance.


Up to 50% cheaper premiums

Comprehensive cover that you and your family can benefit from but cheaper than conventional policies

Premiums paid for by the company

The limited company pays for your life insurance premiums – not you.

No National Insurance

You and the limited company do not have National Insurance contributions to pay

Tax Relief

The limited company pays the premiums and can claim corporation tax relief on the monthly payments saving 19%

Not A Benefit In Kind

The premiums are not classed as a benefit-in-kind or P11D benefit

What makes a Relevant Life Policy Tax Efficient?

Firstly from the business's perspective, there are no National Insurance contributions to pay on the premiums. 

For the employee, there are no National Insurance or Income Tax on the premiums or benefits throughout the policy.

Screenshot 2020-02-17 at 15.54.35.png

The example creates a saving of £77.92 per month which is 49 % cheaper than a non-relevant life policy


Please note that the premiums provided are indicative only and are shown for information purposes only.


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